Monday, July 2, 2012

David Archuleta: 1 year since Stadium of Fire 2011

It's been exactly 1 year since David Archuleta performed what, in my opinion, is the best national anthem he's ever sung yet (and the best I've ever heard). I remember wishing I could have been in Provo, Utah to watch his whole performance. The national anthem performance was a surprise, though most of us fans already guessed that David will be the one performing it. They started by showing a clip of a 12-year-old David singing the first 2 lines of the Star-Spangled Banner at the 2003 Stadium of Fire on the screen, then David takes over for his younger self, following the key change presented by the piano. The epicness of that performance can be witnessed above (thanks to 8throwcenter on YouTube).
If it's not already clear, I have not gotten over this performance yet. There's something about how he put so much respect and admiration into each syllable, and the way he spontaneously follows the music with slight changes in melody and dynamics, never too much to render the song unrecognizable. David is one of the best anthem singers (and singer in general) that I've ever heard and has delivered many great performances of this song. However, this one leaves all the other performances behind. Every time I come across this video, I cannot help but watch it multiple times, savoring every note. I can't wait to hear him perform live for the first time sometime in the future! See you in 2014 David, we miss you!! His other performances from that event can be found on 8throwcenter's channel on YouTube as well (Can't forget "Stomping the Roses" with the dancers ROFL, or the spectacular patriotic medley). :)


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