Sunday, December 25, 2011

David Archuleta will serve a full-time mission. How about that?

When I first heard about this, it was while watching a Ustream of his Salt Lake City, UT concert on the night of December 19th. He said he had a special announcement to make while he's home and this was it. Some time during the next few months, David will leave to serve a full-time mission for the LDS church. My first reaction is "OMG! Great for him!" but almost immediately, a feeling of sadness washed over me. No music, no updates, no news, for... 2 years? The feeling was quite selfish, I admit, and I'm glad it didn't last too long. Just 1 and a half days, lol!
Many fans were saying that they don't know what to do with their lives anymore and that they are crying their eyes out and losing sleep, but I didn't actually cry until I told my mom about it the next morning, and that's only because I re-kindled that feeling by watching the announcement video he uploaded. I know he's wanted to do this and has been thinking about it, but I never thought about what would happen when he actually does it. What do I do with this extra free time? Study so that I could get into my major? Good idea, I thought. Why not make it productive? But that sadness came over me again when the thought that I have not yet attended one of his concerts slipped into my mind. It makes me feel like I missed a huge opportunity! There were 2 shows (summer of '08 and '09) I could have made, but my family had already made plans to go back to Taiwan over the summer for both of those shows! I was very disappointed, so you could only imagine my worsened disappointment when I find out he's not coming with a 4hr drive any direction of Seattle, Washington. Now to think I have to wait at the very least 2 more years is almost unfathomable, but I've already waited 4. What's a couple more years?
Then I realized, wouldn't he miss his family and friends more than we miss him? Wouldn't his family and friends miss him more as well? And after everything he's done for us fans, he's finally doing something that's only for himself. I would say we Archies are a spoiled group of fans, haha, and I love all you amazing people! Forget the media that suddenly showed interest in him after he made his announcement and the false assumptions they made of his reasons for doing this. The mission is what he needs to do and I will continue to support him and wait for him. I wish I understood more how much this means to him since I am not Mormon, but I respect his choices and his reasons. So good luck David and I can't wait until you come back! I know he hasn't left yet, but heck I already miss him!

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