Tuesday, August 7, 2012

David Archuleta's BEGIN. in stores today!

21-year-old singer David Archuleta's 5th pop album (7 total), "BEGIN.", is in stores today! This is a cover album with 1 original song, Broken (lyrics: Jon Hunt music: David Archuleta). Here are some places where you can purchase it:
Amazon (online)
Amazon MP3 (online- digital)
Astroplus (Philippines, in stores)
Barnes & Noble (online/in stores)
Best Buy (online, free shipping)
books.com.tw (Taiwan, online)
Costco (in stores)
DeepDiscount (online)
Deseret Book (online/in stores)
Disc√≥polis (Spain, online)
Ensign Books (in stores)
Fry's (online, free shipping)
FYE (online/in stores?)
Gramophone (Singapore, in stores)
Harvest Books (in stores)
iTunes (online- digital)
J&R (online)
kmart (online)
MyMusic Store (Philippines, online- digital)
Newbury Comics (online)
Overstock.com (online)
Seagull Book (online/in stores)
Sears (online, $0.99 shipping)
Speedy Video (Malaysia, in store)
Walmart (online/in stores)
WOW HD (online, free shipping anywhere)

The Taiwan edition of the album comes with 4 additional postcards while supplies last. Sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong!
~ If you can't afford to buy one, please see my last post for suggestions on how to get one gifted to you! Illegal downloading is NEVER the answer.

Haven't decided if you want to buy it yet? Here are some reviews for the album that might help you make up your mind. This list will be updated as more reviews roll in:

Creative Disc (Indonesia, reviews the song Broken) Rating: 9/10
Idol Chatter Rating: B-
The Washington Times Rating: 2/5
Entertainment Tonight Rating: Positive
Jacob Elyachar Journalist Rating: A-
Elizabeth Rosalyn Rating: Positive
AllMusic Rating: 2.5/5
Salt Lake Tribune Rating: C

Book Giveaways Rating: Positive (enter to win a copy!)
HPfanRinnie's Rambles Rating: A-

Soul David Rating: Positive
Deseret News Rating: Positive
Dear Music Appreciators Rating: 4/5
Teen Ink Rating: Positive
Tuned In Rating: 3.5/5
The Preston Citizen Rating: Positive

Inquirer Entertainment (Philippines) Rating: Positive
Manila Bulletin (Philippines) Rating: Positive
Some of the reviews claim a lack of emotional connection (& even contain some personal attacks), which, if you're familiar with David and his singing in general, is almost never true. And believe me when I say, his voice easily soars over the production :)

For a special message from David regarding the release, click here.

For more information such as snippets, what David himself says about this album, and tracklist, see this post and the links below. Thank you guys for supporting!
David Archuleta's Official Site
Official Twitter
Kari's (manager) Twitter
Official YouTube
Official Facebook
Official Myspace


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