Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to David Archuleta's debut album!

Wow! Can't believe it's been 4 years since the release of David Archuleta's self-titled debut album! How does it feel to have a 4-year-old child, David? ;)
It doesn't feel that long ago to me, to be honest. Seems just like last week (yesterday's too recent)...

I remember on the morning of 11/11/2008, my mom and I went to Target with a family friend. I immediately darted toward the CD section and found a row of David's face on the shelf and grabbed a copy...not before I've checked for scratches and cracks on the case like I had OCD or something though. The family friend asked about the CD and David and my mom explained. He then said that he should probably get a copy for his daughters too, but you know what my mom said? She said that we can just burn a copy for them! I was so mad but couldn't show it while he was there! Later, I told my mom that I wanted his album to do well and sell more, so she should have let him buy it haha! However, that's not yet the end of my David adventures for that day.
After I got home, I immediately went on YouTube trying to listen to all the iTunes and Walmart bonus tracks. I was getting increasingly anxious as I couldn't find a couple of the songs, which was so dumb of me since the album just came out. Anyways, after that, I put the album into the CD slot of our super old stereo system, and it kept spitting out the CD! I had to keep pressing the close button every time, but the 50 times it spat out the CD sure gave me enough time to read David's 3,000-word liner notes! The player eventually accepted the CD, thank goodness! I remember thinking "Barriers" was weird, but it has grown to be one of my favorites. I really wished I could have bought the iTunes copy with bonus tracks, but I was just a poor high school sophomore LOL! It sure was an eventful day and I was so glad that I didn't have school because of Veteran's Day.

My favorite track on the album: A Little Too Not Over You
My favorite bonus tracks: Waiting For Yesterday, Works For Me, Somebody Out There

The album (released under 19 Entertainment/Jive Records) has since been certified gold by RIAA (as of January 2009) and the lead single, "Crush," has since sold over 2 million copies (yay double-platinum!).

p.s. when I went back to Taiwan the next summer, I made sure to look for it! I liked their cover better because he was smiling, but taking off the outer case, the actual CD still has the same cover lol. My brother asked if I was going to buy it, but I said no because that was the only copy and I wanted someone to have a chance to discover his music too :)


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