Monday, October 29, 2012

David Archuleta's "Forevermore"... Expanded Edition!

On October 19th, David's manager, Kari, tweeted us through his account that something special is coming soon in the form of "Forevermore- Expanded Edition"! It's an expanded edition of the March 2012 Philippines release. At first I thought the photo attached would be a screencap of the upcoming "Rainbow- remix" music video, since we've been anticipating that for a while. Well, I guess I was half right, since this special release does include it. Here's the photo she actually tweeted:
Isn't the album cover lovely? I think so! This time, soon does mean soon! Kari tweeted that the album will be released after 10/31 but before 11/21 (it's already being manufactured!). Oh my goodness, David and Kari are too good to us fans! And here's the album's contents that she tweeted on the 25th:
Looks like the only new things are the music videos, the "Rainbow" remix, and some extra minus-ones (the Rainbow minus-one seems to be missing, guess they didn't want to overwhelm us with quadruple rainbows haha!). But guess what? I'll be getting it anyway!

If you don't live in the Philippines and are interested in getting a copy too, here are places you can order from online (Available since 11/14/2012):

For more information, visit David's official site.


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