Saturday, December 21, 2013

David Archuleta Performs in Santiago, Chile!

Uh…Elder Archuleta right now, since he’s still on his mission for the Mormon Church. Recently, between December 10th and 14th I think (actually, likely throughout the whole month of December), he was invited to perform at multiple shows at the local church for their annual Christmas Devotional. Looks like he also performed elsewhere for different events! This has been an incredibly busy quarter for me and, to be honest, I have not logged on to twitter or fan sites in some time, so sorry about any misinformation, haha! Ah, life of a college junior. Anyways, here are some of the YouTube videos of Elder Archuleta’s performances that reminded me of how it felt to fangirl! Enjoy!

First, a video of him rehearsing “Oh ven, oh ven Emmanuel

Oh ven, oh ven Emmanuel” 12/10
Noche Divina” (Spanish version of O Holy Night)
Los pastores a belén” on 12/14
The Prayer” with Rebecca Lopez 12/14
María sabías que” (Spanish version of Mary Did You Know)
El tamborilero” (Spanish version of “Little Drummer Boy”)

"What Child is This" (Spanish version) with Luis Layseca

"Mi burrito sabanero" with Luis Layseca

"His Hands" (Spanish version)

P.S. Can't believe he'll be back in just a few months! Feel free to point out any mistakes and I will edit/add things :)

Happy Holidays!

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