Sunday, April 6, 2014

David Archuleta: Called to Serve (video)

Hello everyone! It's been a while. I've been very busy, but after watching this special done by KSL, I decided to procrastinate on my college life a little and write down this little blurb.

I was one of those people feeling conflicted when Mr. David Archuleta announced his decision to embark on a 2-year LDS mission. I was used to living on news, music, and other special snippets from my favorite singer and celebrity of all time and yet, I know how much he had always wanted to go on a mission and how much it would mean to him. All I could do was, like most other fans, show mental support, hope that this experience will be rewarding to him, and anticipate the arrival of #DA2014 (his return). So imagine my fangirling when he officially announced his return on March 24, 2014 (thank goodness I was on spring break!).

I've been hearing that he was going to talk about his mission in a special done by KSL that will be aired today, but I really didn't know what to expect. Will I understand where he's coming from? Will I get what this experience meant to him? Or will I be left confused because I'm a Buddhist?

However, all I can say after watching this is that this was an incredibly brave and inspirational decision. 2 years went by so fast! Even though I am not religious in any way and, to be honest, am one of those people who avoids LDS missionaries upon seeing them on campus, it's incredible to see the lives that can be changed and how a missionary's life can be influenced by a mission. The compassion and care people have for one another is universal, no matter how it is shown. So is the way people feel upon receiving that compassion, care, and support from others. I think now, I do understand partly why missionaries of any religion do what they do and how the people who were converted must have felt knowing there are people out there who care.

I guess this is kind of an epiphany haha! That video really touched me and inspired me to become braver. I, like him, am a person who cannot talk very well; I don't always know what to say or how to articulate what I want to say, so sometimes I just end up saying nothing at all. But others can feel your sincerity, and that's what I will aim for in addition to trying to improve my talking skills.

Hope to hear new music soon, after plenty of well-deserved R&R with his family and friends of course xD

Click here for the 4-part 30 minute special on Elder Archuleta

Thanks for reading!!

p.s. I think all missionaries are extremely brave and are taking huge risk, it's just that most aren't famous so we don't really hear their stories. Let's give them all a round of applause!! *claps*


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