Friday, September 28, 2012

6 Months...A Milestone for Both David Archuleta & His Fanbase

Today marks 6 months to the day David left on his LDS mission. He has spent the last few months serving his religion in Chile, gaining unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences along the way while also developing his Spanish skills. David, as of today, is 25% done with his service, and who knows how many more people this amazing man has already inspired and will continue to inspire through this journey!

However, this milestone is not David's alone, but all the patiently awaiting fans', his Archies, ArchAngels, Go-Getters, whichever each fan prefers. Although we understand how important this was for him to do, we already can't wait for his return! Many are already planning for his comeback concert (me included!). I know I probably speak for many as I say this, but I miss him everyday. When everyday occurrences remind me of him, I feel simultaneously happy and slightly sad. Some fans probably think it's going against David's wishes to look at pictures of him on his mission because he doesn't want attention on him. But for me, I feel like I need to look at them, just so that they can reassure me that he is happy and doing well. I don't purposefully go looking for blog posts and pictures from his fellow missionaries, but I do look at and read the ones that have surfaced over twitter and been made more public. I think he mostly just doesn't want fans to be all over him while he is there and drawing attention away from the goal of his mission; I don't think he wants to completely cut us off. It seems obvious that the pictures that have surfaced were taken with his knowledge, and therefore, I do not feel guilty looking at them. 

This waiting has felt simultaneously long and fleeting. Emotionally, it's felt like years, but time wise, it's already been 6 months when it feels like he just left! Sorry if I'm not really making any sense haha, just rambling here. It's funny and strange how someone I've never even met could be such a huge part of, and have such a huge impact on, my life. Let us and enjoy and celebrate this milestone by listening to BEGIN.!


p.s. today is kind of a special day for me also because exactly 1 year ago today was when I started college!